Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Lamanya tak update... sibuk sangat dengan open house lah, college activities lah, entertaining guests lah dan macam-macam hal yang tak mengizinkan ku untuk menulis.

Well, hari ni nak cerita pasal Ikhlas. Ikhlas?.. Dia anak saudara ku yang ke-24. Nak dipendekkan cerita, last week Ikhlas telah dipinjamkan oleh parentnya kepadaku dengan harapan semoga akan bertambahlah zuriatku yang satu itu kepada yang seterusnya dalam masa terdekat ini. Hi..hi..hi..

Actually, I didn't take it seriously until the last minute my brother and sister-in-law decided to leave Ikhlas with me. Luckily, my mother and sisters were there to help me. Ikhlas (six months old) is a very, very good baby who makes everyone happy and it's not a problem at all taking care of him.

The first 15 minutes his parent left him, I called and asked them to take Ikhlas back because everybody seems to be indecisive about the whole matter. Among the prattles, "Kesian kak Norin", "Kejamnya pisahkan mak dengan anak", "Nanti Ikhlas nangis dan demam rindukan maknya" and the list goes on... But, when the Papa and Mama said that they were ikhlas (sincere) leaving their baby behind, I felt relieved and thankful to Allah s.w.t for this golden opportunity.

We (including my Mom and sisters) treated the baby like 'Menatang Minyak yang Penuh' and Arif joyfully playing with him, pretending that Ikhlas is his little brother. Those happy 6 days came to an end when finally the time is up and I had to send Ikhlas back to his parent.

My mother was saddened by this separation. I didn't show my unhappy feelings and just act naturally when I kissed him goodbye. But, I can't stop the tears from falling whenever I remember his sweet little smiles... Now I can really feels his parent's feelings during the day they left Ikhlas with me. What to do? Anak orang, bukan anak aku...

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arif said...

kecian ikhlas...tadi dia balik.batuk2, lendir byk dlm tekak.takleh tido.hujan2 plak ni...sejuk...keciannnnn!!!nangis je!!!


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