Monday, November 13, 2006

One Proud Mama..

Today, my 3-D students were doing their presentation on Paper-wear, Headgear and Footwear. Well, I have to say, I'm not very satisfied with their performance this time. Probably because of too many interference from various 'kepalas' who'd think their ideas is better then others, lack of information, typical Malaysian students who ask less and the list can go on...

However, one of the group caught my attention though. Last week, I brought my son to work because he was not feeling very well and had to skip school for that day. This group came to me and ask for ideas and opinion for their artwork. My son, who got the knack for anything art became alert and volunteer (secretively) to do it. Out of the blue, after enough folding, stretching, cutting and tearing, he showed us his creation and alas! Everybody started talking, 'Eh,why ahh we didn't think of it before?', 'Aiyoh, pandai lah Arif ni!', 'Haa, inilah aku nak buat tadi!', 'creative lah Arif ni.' etc.etc.

I saw the model wore that dress (wearable art) just now and I saw the part where Arif contributed his idea. Even though it was just a small part, it works as a whole; and as a mother, I felt very proud of him because he proved us, the adults, that sometimes we are not as perfect as we'd like to think we are. Each child has within him/her something precious and unique that can be nurtured and can be used for their benefit in the future. Love and appreciate them while we are still alive and while we can still see them growing up before our own eyes.

One word for you dear Arif, 'Syabas!'


toona said...

arif mesti comelkan sampaikan salam padanya.bagus ajar dia agar nanti boleh jadi seorang yang kreatif.

ucu said...

arif bkn je comel, malah tembam dan bulat lagii!!!hahaha!!


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