Thursday, January 18, 2007


Do you smoke? Naahh...not me! The only one who smokes in my family is my 3rd older brother, Azman. My late father was also a smoker during his whole life and in the end, had developed liver disease that can't be cured which led to his death.

My bro is a chain-smoker. We always urge and persuade him to quit smoking, to no avail. It seems that he already accepts the fact that smoking will give him various serious illnesses which eventually can cost him his life. He said so, 'let me be the representative in smoking', 'you are not a smoker so you can't imagine the pleasure of smoking', 'it's too late to quit...bla..bla..bla..' in short, 'Bug off!!' .

It is very saddening to see that smoking has robbed his youth, his features and the most important of all, his health. From a handsome young man, he is now resembling an old man, coughing a lot, has developed PVD that caused several of his fingernails and toenails turned black, his teeth stained and decayed etc... It is sick to watch him during his coughing fits, trying to let out the filth inside his lungs that seems unable to go away. And what more, he is not even 40 yet! I'm very worried about the passive smokers in his house - his wife and four kids. May they all not be infected by smoking-related illnesses in the long run, Amin...

Yesterday, me, BB and Arif went to have dinner at Tanjung Putera, somewhere around Sri Hartamas. Never in my life had I seen six different smokers puffing the cigarretes at the same time, worst still, at eating-place??.. There goes the enjoyment of eating a delicious Laksa Johor. The pretty girl next to me was chain-smoking all the way we were there, what a pity...*sigh...*
Don't they know that they are committing suicide in a slow and easy way??...

'The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live' ~ Joan Borysenko


sya said...

Terimakasih kerana menjengah ke blog kak sya.

Memang sedih melihat lelaki merokok apatah lagi wanita..

ros said...

Hi, Qisst..
My first time visit to your blog,I guess so.
I don't smoke but was surrounding by men who smoke the whole time(when their cigarette still available).Hahah!
If you want to go to me ajalah...ok?

bbd said...

thanks for coming over and leaving a comment there!

goboklama said...

kak sya, ros and bbd, thanks a lot for stopping by. I'm new here and my house doesn't look very appealing but I would like to have visitors come over and leave comments. Thanks again!

moshimoshi said...

hey, i smoke a pack of 20/day. there are 2 buts though. first but, i don't have those classic smoker tell-tale sign. no stained fingernails, teeth and darkened lips. no coughing fits (alhamdulillah) for now. still feel that i look young enough (my age, at least). and second but, i am a considerate smoker. don't smoke in places that not supposed to like in the same room as the children, closed restaurants etc. so, the conclusion is, we can be a smoker and kill ourselves but don't drag other people with us la.

goboklama said...

moshimoshi,what more can I say if dat makes you feel good. BTW, thanks for stopping by!

cikdinz said...

I start smoking during form 1.
now I'm already quit smoking for nearly 2 months.
Good success or what?????????

goboklama said...

cikdinz, good for you!!


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