Monday, December 22, 2008


Last month, on spur-of-the-moment decision, we packed our bag,drove up-north, parked the car at Padang Besar Custom Department & went straight to Haadyai by a 'teksi sapu' (the same day Suvarnabhumi Airport was seized by Thai protesters). It took only an hour to reach there using a no-toll highway, woohoo!! We spent a night there, no worries because there are plenty of Muslim restaurants/stalls. Shopping at Bangkok tak sama dengan Haadyai, no match, huhuu.. But still, we managed to get A-grade tidbits s.a cashew nuts, pistachios, almonds, chiengmai nuts, giant raisins etc., definitely cheaper here.

One of the shopping complexes at Haadyai.

Anjing bersepah-sepah kat kaki lima, not to mention porks at the market where you can see aplenty, yikeess!!

Balik dah.

After we arrived safely at the border, on the way back, we made a stop at Nasi Kandar Subaidah, Penang where we ate like there's no tomorrow. Arif said "why don't we go to Pangkor for a swim tomorrow?" Still contemplating the suggestion because it was raining heavily from Perlis to Perak. We reached Lumut at 8pm, try to find a room for the night but all fully booked. In the end, we managed to find one at Manjung, looked strangely vacant, we had no choice but to take it because it was already late. Some'thing' wanted to play with us the moment we step in the room, not once but twice!! Just imagine, we already slotted-in the room card, the light lit up the room, enter me, Arif & when hubby closed the door, blackout!! My heart jumped but we tried to let go the uneasy feelings. After Isya' prayer, we went out for our late dinner & the same incident happened again when we entered the room. For the first time, hubby asked us not to switch off the tv. But strangely, the tv was already switched-off, with the power cord unplugged from the socket when we woke up, hihihiii....

After Subuh prayer, we checked-out & parked our car at Lumut Jetty, hopped on the 1st ferry to Pangkor, had our leisure swim & play for 3 hours, pusing the island, bought the famous Pangkor seafood snacks & before 1 pm, we already driving back home..

Our regular spot.

Arif at the Sotong Factory

Comel kan?

We went to Kelantan for celebrating Aidiladha & on the fourth Hari Raya, my BIL got engaged.

The hantarans from BIL to Dinie.

Wahlau wei, bertunang pun bersanding??

My family from Johor were there also.

The next day, very early in the morning, we went to Rantau Panjang for shopping. We shopped at ease, less people, no sweat & got good bargain because the sellers said "wat goghi" (1st customer means good fortune).

Look, no people!! Only kambing & biri-biri were there, LOL!!

On 21st December, NEC college took one booth at Sogo Family Christmas Carnival where we sell potteries.

Arif trying the Sumo game

'Suiting' time

How cute!

Getting ready to fight

Oh, my poor boy being trampled by the opponent.


Now, that's my boy! Lanyak dia!!

And the winner is..... not Arif, huhu...

The sumo wrestlers w/o the suit

Cake eating contest.

Not so many people came to the carnival because they were busy emptying their pocket for the SOGO sale. Me too, heheh... I bought myself a Muslimah swimsuit & when I wear it, Arif said I looked like a blue dugong, ahhh, whatever..

Well, that sums up to what I've been doing in the past two months, apart from the never-ending works, works, works... What about you?


aNIe said...

Hehehe...cutenya peserta gusti sumo tu...

Dulu pernah ke Haadyai...& memang warcoal kat sana murah2...

goboklama said...

kakAnie, NJ pun rasa nk bersumo aritu tapi takde peserta wanita la pulak,heheh..

Lebih murah & cantik2 kan? ;)

Tokyo BLUE said...


goboklama said...

Tokyo Blue,org cikeding takleh, kena tambah berat dulu :p

MULAN said...

waahh cute nya arif berbaju sumo.. adus, kalah pulak.. takpe, takpe.. stay cute, arif..!!

syoknya dapat soping itu w@coal.. & i bet the tomyam in hadyaai, rasa dia lagi hebat kan.

goboklama said...

Mulan,yeahhh!! Lagi skali pegi,nk borong lagi banyak,hihi.. Anyway,the tomyam tasted okay,can't beat the one at Bgkok. Kelantan punya pun sedap gak :)

maklang said...

BEST2.. maklang nak pi Haadyai jugak...

Mak Su said...

uits? susahnya nak bergusti cenggitu :D

mosh said...

quite a a lot of activities for a spur-of-the-moment kind of travel. susah nak jumpa hotel room in haadyai? tak kena fight dengan all the other stranded travellers?

gina marna said...

hai qisst...tudiahhh summary katenye.

anyway kite pun gak...huhu sian lak boboi asik kene tinggal je.

goboklama said...

Maklang, pegila Maklang,gerenti best,,heheh..

Maksu, itu yg mencabar tuh :p

Mosh, quite the contrary, kami pun walk-in saja,org Msia yg stranded kat Bkk aritu mana ada yg balik naik bas/keretapi, dorang tk adventourous,semua lebih rela tunggu kapal trobang :p

Gina,yeayy,you're back! Tapi syian baby kena tinggal dah,huhu..

intelligence said...



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