Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ada sesiapa berminat nak hantar anak-anak ke bengkel seramik dan bengkel batik di Badan Warisan Malaysia pada 31 Oktober dan 7 November 2009? Kedua-dua bengkel berlangsung pada hari Sabtu. Bengkel Batik untuk yang berumur 12 tahun ke atas, dan ada juga bengkel pembakaran Raku. Maklumat lanjut seperti di bawah:

Clay for Kids Workshop

The art of ceramics dates from the beginning of humankind. Objects of clay are now taking a more important place in our aesthetic lives. Working with clay is a fascinating experience for nearly everyone who comes in contact with it, including children. Encourage your children to develop their creative skills in ceramics and show their inner talents by participating in these workshops:

Fees : RM15 per person
Notes : Each workshop is limited to 20 participants only (Age from 5 to 17 years old)
Time : 10.00 a.m. to 12noon

Workshop 1 – Saturday 31st October 2009
Workshop 2 – Saturday 7th November 2009

Raku Firing Workshop

Picture taken here
Raku ware, is a type of Japanese pottery that have been adopted and modified by contemporary potters worldwide. It is created with a specific ceramic firing process that uses both fire and smoke to create unique patterns and designs. The raku firing process requires a special raku kiln that is fueled by propane and reaches temperatures of about 1800°F (about 982°C).

Come and experience the hands-on Raku workshop with guest lecturer Prof. Madya Abdul Rahim Jalil from UiTM who will teach you the step by step process of Raku techniques.

Fees : RM20 per person
Notes : Limited to 20 participants only (Adults)
Time : 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Date : Saturday 31st October 2009

Batik Workshop

In this workshop, participants will experience the unique method of Hand Drawn Batik using a Canting. Each participant will be given a rectangular piece of cotton to work on.

Fees : RM20 per person
Notes : Limited to 20 participants only (Age 12 years and above)
Time : 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m
Date : Saturday 7th November 2009

Sesiapa berminat sila hubungi terus Badan Warisan di nombor ini:

Telephone+60 (0)3 2144 9273
Fax+60 (0)3 2145 7884


Jiji said...

NJ i add ur blog url@!~ wooot@!~

MULAN said...

woooo.. veli2 intelesting ni.. tapi jauhnyaaa... semua date ada hal pulak tu.. nak try la mana sempat.. thanx for d info..

Hanz said...

NJ, minat nak send my boy to the clay ws tu. Thanks for this infos!

NJ@goboklama said...

Jiji,laaaa... baru add ke? ahaks.. Anyway,tx Jiji ;D

Mulan, jauh tu,mai le join sekaki,bole jumpa Goboklama yg tk femes tu,hihi.. ;)

Hanz,yeayyy!! Tx :D

aNIe said...

NJ...mak budak takleh ke? Hehehe

NJ@goboklama said...

Kak Anie, boleh apa salahnya, jom!!! Masuk wkshop Batik eh? ;D


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