Monday, December 20, 2010

Bangkok etc.

Post terlebih sudah, hikhiks... Several interesting places we discovered during free & easy trip requested by Arif who wanted to find Bangkok bike shop. 

Dare to try out the canal tour? 

Jalan-jalan, sesat tak jumpa-jumpa kedai yang dicari, which brought us here...

neber mind, since you follow me everywhere I go, this time I follow you...

and here...
K Village, Bangkok leading lifestyle mall at Sukhumvit Soi 26

where doggie has its own toilet

Sukhumvit Soi 26 ni banyak restoran Jepun dan Korea di sepanjang jalan, so NJ ingatkan K village ni 'Korean' village, rupanya 'K' tu untuk Kananan Co., developer mall tu, hikhikss... Tapi memang banyak kedai dan restoran Korea di sini.

Finally found, Cannondale distributor, Thaicannasia, right beside K Village

Sesat lagi?

Outdoor Unlimited@Amarin Plaza

Coffee culture in Bangkok is so strong, you can have your caffeine fix almost anywhere

or eat fusion food, everywhere....

Whatever reason you're in Bangkok, just enjoy and immerse yourself in the environment and respect the people the way you want them to respect you, that way you can never go wrong. I miss Bangkok already...



MULAN said...

syookk nya pi bangkok..!!

NJ@Goboklama said...

Mulan, jom jln dgn kita plak! :D


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