Monday, December 20, 2010


What is going to Bangkok without visiting Chatuchak?  We were so eager to go and wanted to be among the first at Chatuchak that Saturday morning, hop on a taxi but we were being deposited here.....


Falling into 'Jewelry & Gem scam' for the second time?  Aargghhhh, so unbelievable!!  The taxi driver told us that Chatuchak is not open so early in the morning so he brought us to the center. Tips for you, don't argue, just sit back, relax & make a quick tour at the center, get your free drink (carbonated drink/tea/coffee) and then get out as fast as you can, that is if you don't want to buy anything.  If you're a jewelry/gem  lover, suit yourself.  Actually, the reason why many taxi drivers/tuktuk involved in this is because they're getting free gasoline (5 liter per taxi/tuktuk) by the 'gomen' as to bring tourists to the center, and you know, the gas there is no cheap.  Never mind, we get cheap taxi ride (50 baht) from Pratunam to Chatuchak that day.

Wear light clothes please

Arif's favorite section

There's always something new to see..

Waiting for the famous coconut ice-cream, right beside the clock tower

Hungry or thirsty? Wait no more, there are plenty of food stalls to suit your taste bud

and dine with style, ahaks...

As usual, we Muslim dine here

Now they've visual food menu posted on the wall so you can easily select what you want. I recommend beef noodle and padthai, super delicious! But a bit pricey tho.... we ordered beef noodle, padthai, tomyam kung, 1 plate white rice & 3 ice lemon tea which ripped RM45 off our pocket.

or try this...

insects, cocoons,

and baby bird/chicken? I dare not ask...

See how happy they are?  ;-)

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