Thursday, July 07, 2011

Makan-makan di Seoul (Halal & non-Halal)

Halal Food in Nami Island
Yongajiga Lunch box, starts from 4,000w

Next to Winter Sonata Photo Gallery

Vegetarian Food at Seoul

Sosim at Insadong, starts from 10,000w per set
Reminder:  Minimum order for 3 people is 2 sets.
Subway line 3, Anguk station exit 6, walk towards Insadong street
Beside GS25, on the lower ground

Got grilled fish (vegetarian kah?)

Loving Hut at Sinchon
Subway line 2, Sinchon station exit 2, walk straight, Loving Hut is next to Starbucks.

Vegan - no egg


Bibimbap Restaurant at Mt. Namsan foothill - Non Halal
From Myeongdong subway station, walk until you reach N Seoul Tower cable car platform.  Walk towards the hill, there's a direction to N Seoul Tower, walk until you find the restaurant.

Different kind of bibimbap from 8,000w

Samgyetang at Insadong - Non Halal
Beside Nami Island Seoul Center at Insadong street
Reminder:  Minimum order for 3 people is 2 sets

Sinchon BBQ all you can eat  - 8,000w per person  - Non Halal
Subway line 2, Sinchon station exit 2, walk straight until you find T-world & Starbucks, go between these two shops, walk straight until you find this on your right.

All kind of meat you can imagine

octopus some more??

Noryangjin Fish Market (recommended!)
Subway line 1, Noryangjin station, walk up the bridge until you reach the market.
Just bring all your 'catch' to one of the many restaurants located on the ground floor & 1st floor and  ask them to cook the seafood the way you like it.  Price varies.
Scallop at RM4 - 5 per pc




There's no problem for non-Muslim traveling Seoul, but yes it's a bit hard for Muslim to find Halal & permissible food over there.  Other than Itaewon area, I don't see any restaurant displaying Halal logo like the one I found in Nami Island.  Therefore we resorted to vegetarian & seafood restaurant instead with Tawakkal & Bismillah.  For breakfast & late night snack, we cooked in SYH kitchen. Oh yes, I know what soju is, don't worry, hihih....

Hey, I saw this interesting article about Halal products in Korea!  Here's another one. Go check it out!

Happy hunting & eating you allsss!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i read your blog article dated July 07,2011 about korea seoul.

I wish to ask the Sinchon BBQ all you can eat 8000w per person, does the restaurant also have chicken meat other than pork & beef? English menu? or does restaurant owner speak english?
Does the restuarant also sell other ala carte dishes like steamed eggs, seafoodsoup etc?

Please email me:,

Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you.


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