Monday, July 04, 2011

Seoul Day 2

To Nami Island the easiest way (at least for us)
7.30 from SYH, went to nearby Family Mart to buy T-Money (2,500w + 15,000w).  We took subway Chungmuro station (orange line) to Jongno 3(sam)-ga, exit Tapgol Park.  Sebenarnya NJ dah booking tiket sehala ke Nami untuk tarikh 29 June tapi terpaksa tukar plan pergi hari ni kerana cuaca esok tak mengizinkan.  NJ pergi ke Nami Seoul Center di Insadong tapi tak buka lagi, terpaksa call dan buat booking semula.  Luckily for us, the bus was not full & we managed to get the seats.  One way ticket + Nami visa was 14,500w (6,500 + 8,000).  Bus depart at 9.30am & arrived at Namiwharf at 11.00am.  Took a short ferry ride, arrived & went separate ways before meet up at 1pm.  Nami was so full of colors and people as well, with tourists taking pictures, local picnicking, what a sight!  Love the cool & refreshing air, I wish to stay longer....  Sebelum balik, sempat cuba Yongajiga lunchbox - 4000w, enough to satisfy our stomach.  A unique experience because what we get was a lunchbox with rice, kimchi & egg, we have to shake it like crazy before ready to eat, glove provided, nice!!!  It has HALAL logo also.

Nami Island Seoul Center at Insadong
One way ticket - 6,500w
Return ticket - 13,000w
Nami Visa (entrance fee) - 8,000w
Integrated ticket - 21,000 (13,000w + 8,000w)


Yongajiga lunch box

Back to Seoul
We decided not to wait for 4pm shuttle bus so here is the direction for those who wish to go back to Seoul by train. Take the ferry back to Namiwharf & walk out the parking area (past the bungee jumping point) until you find a bus stop on the right hand side.  Wait untill bus 33 arrive to take you to Gapyeong station. T-money accepted, 900w.  Or you can take a taxi to Gapyeong station.  Take your train to Sangbong station, use t-money all the way through Seoul subway.  When you reach Sangbong station, you have to change to Jungang line that shows direction to Yongsan, but stop at Hoegi or Wangsimni, follow the direction to Seoul subway and you are on your own.  I went to Myeongdong and you guess how much was the total cost? (Gapyeong - Myeongdong) It was 1,100w!  I swear our balance showed 13,200w at Gapyeong & at Myeongdong when we scan it, it showed 12,100w!  Wow!!  But of course if you have a full day for leisure activity at Nami and not planning to go to other places afterwards, just take the Nami shuttle bus from Tapgol Park, it will save you a lot of trouble getting there and back.  The bus from Namiwharf departs at 4pm (only one bus per day departs from Tapgol Park)

Take exit 6 from Myeongdong station that takes you directly to the maddening shopping area.  Don't forget to buy cosmetic products, it's really, really cheap here.  Clothing, of course it's trendy, modern & up-to-date but for me & my young friends, it's almost the same in Bangkok, only triple the price in Seoul, this I can't agree more.  I found the same branded product in UK last time which is way expensive here.


After sending my friends safely back to Chungmuro station, we three took a taxi to Itaewon & went to Salam, right next to Seoul Central Mosque.  Turned out way below our expectation and tooooooo expensive (41,000w) because the portion was too small.  That was the first & the last time we were at Itaewon.  The taxi ride pocketed 12,000w to take us there and back to SYH.  If you want to go to Itaewon by subway, take line 6, Itaewon station - exit 3.  Reminder:  It's a long walk & you have to walk uphill some more.
The story continues....

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syok nya...!! rindu jugak kat seoul.. 11 months kat sana, banyak tempat jugak kami pergi..


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