Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Seoul Day 3

True to weather forecast, it was raining cats and dogs that day.  Alhamdulillah we changed plan & went to Nami the day before when there was plenty of sunshine.  Today's plan is shop, shop and more shopping but because it was raining, our mood was just not there.  We went to Namdaemun, managed to get brooches at the popular 209 shop at one of the accessories buildings (exit 5 Hoehyeon station, Gate 6, take right on the 1st junction), takdelah murah mana, mungkin harganya lain untuk pemborong.  Most of the buildings are connected by bridge so it was easier for us to spend most of the time indoors during the rainy day.  If you want to find cheap souvenirs like keychain, fridge magnet etc., here is the place.  The local art & craft building is located right beside the accessories building.  Yang lain, so-so....

Namdaemun market

2nd stop - Insadong.  Today, we stop at Anguk station & had to walk quite far, nearly getting mislead by schoolgirls we asked for direction (followed my guts by not following), finally found Insadong street & went our separate ways.  We three decided to try Sosim vegetarian restaurant, right beside GS25 shop, on the lower ground.  Smells dank, don't know why but we stayed.  Ordered 2 sets 15,000w lunch (had to after being scolded by the ahjumma who was quite dissatisfied when we want to order just one set).  My sky-high excitement was dropped down below after that incident.  The food was great but I just don't have the heart to eat.  Love the banchan, lovely experience eating a traditional Korean food in a cute lovely setting, only the service was baaaaadddd, me saaaaadddd......  Turned out the similar experience my young friends had when they ordered the famous chicken ginseng (Samgyetang) in one of the restaurants at Insadong.  I don't understand why most of the restaurants don't accept the sharing concept we apply in Malaysia, even in other countries we went, we were welcomed even though we just ordered a glass of plain water.

Sosim at Insadong

Ssamziegil, a creative space for youths, very interesting place indeed

Writing on the wall never felt so good as when it is legal

Testing the bargaining skill, hihih..

Mood was down for us, decided to go home (we so love SYH we decided to call it our home, hihih..). When we arrived SYH, Arif wanted to go uphill & check out the park and as a good mother (ahakss..), I decided to follow even though my body said no, while hubby chose to retreat to the room.  It was still raining & after a long climb up the wooden stairs, we came to a beaten track that lead us to the main road that shows direction to N.Seoul Tower.  It shows 1.4km, sounds near right?  Teeeettt, wrong!  With uphill climb some more?  Teeetttt, no!!  I decided to go back to SYH, followed by protesting Arif.  With sore legs and backache, I slept like a baby that night....

to be continued.......

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