Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Seoul Day 4

Early in the morning, we left SYH and took a short walk to Namsangol Hanok Village.  A nice traditional village, if not for so many tourists, heheh... If you want to go here by subway, take exit 4 Chungmuro station, turn left.

After taking photos, we took the subway to Jongno 3(sam)-ga and transfer to line 1 that took us straight to Noryangjin station.  We followed the direction to the fish market, thanks to blogger of Tamciakpo for her sharing.  When we arrived at the upper floor of the market, I asked everybody to take all the photos they want and keep the camera in the bag when we came down because according to many bloggers out there who came to Noryangjin, it's not ok to take photos if you were not intending to buy, or else you'll get scolded.  So we decided to buy the baby octopus (4 for 10,000w), 1 Alaskan king crab (60,000w), 9 pcs scallops (15,000w) and 1 ikan sebelah (35,000w + free 1 small fish).  We brought the seafood to this small restaurant, thanks to Tamciakpo again for the photo that came in handy.

Live baby octopus


Maeun Tang aka hot & spicy soup

They prepared the baby octopus, steamed the crab, grilled the scallop, sashimi'ed the fish and cook Maeun Tang the fish bone.  All cooking fees + charge fees per person (3,000w/person) costs us 57,000w.  So, altogether was 177,000w = RM56/person.  The experience?  Great!!  The seafood was fresh, the experience eating the Sannakji was unforgettable and the most important thing was everybody (except Arif) left the building happy and full (only the fishy smells linger all day long, so bring along your perfume/freshener).  Hubby decided to go back and bought more scallops, Salmon and prawns for Arif, that will be our dinner later.  They packed the seafood nicely in a cooler box.

We then went to Gyeongbokgung Palace.  Please take exit Gyeongbokgung instead of Gyeongbokgung Palace because the former will take you right into the palace entrance but the latter will send you walking quite a distance.  Seeing the huuuugee outer ring of the palace, we three decided to retreat to a nice cafe inside the museum and wait for them instead.  I'll curi their photos later, heheheh....

Saw the chief guard geleng-geleng kepala macam tak bagi ambil gambar, hihih...

Cafe at museum Gyeongbokgung

Before we arrive SYH, my young friends decided to follow Arif's suggestion to visit N Seoul Tower, by walking!!  We as the parents and the leader, decided to follow and try to get motivation from the elders walking up the hill.  I noticed that they all walking faster than us, and saw many ladies wearing high heels did the same!!  Every now and then, the signpost read 1.9km or 1.4km but after some time, I gave up and keep on walking.  Every time I keep pushing myself and asked "can I take another 10 steps?" until I reached the base of N Seoul Tower, and you know what?  It was a victory!!!  I felt it was the peak of our 'SOUL' trip and no, you won't feel the same if you paid 7,500w for the return cable car trip to N Seoul Tower.  It was the most memorable moment ever, but the sore leg lasted forever, huhuuuu......

Let me help you up cikgu, hihi...

Nice restaurant at the foothill

that serves this nice Bibimbap (non-halal)

Halfway through.....

Yeayyy, finally!!!!

Met some Malaysians up there and this time, hubby managed to get them talking.  Oh Malaysians going overseas, whenever or wherever you meet us Malaysians, just smile or say Salam, that will do just fine.  The world is getting smaller (this I had to thank AirAsia) because everywhere you go, you'll likely bound to meet Malaysians even at the unexpected place.  Please make a pact people, be nice!!  Smile and say hello, you will feel good and happy doing so.

That night we cooked our last dinner in SYH kitchen, feeling sad knowing that we are going to leave it sooooon......
Busy cooking

Soju Salmon & Prawn, by Chef Miao Yun (utk mereka saja)


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Zarina Jani said...

This is Zarina from

I had the same experience when I met a few Malaysians while I'm here. Felt like an a** when I tried to smile at them and got a blank stare instead.

Just wish that Malaysians are not like that..hehe.

If you ever meet me again anywhere, don't hesitate to say hi or salam.



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